What is SMART tag?

The SMART Tag system is designed to ensure authorized ridership and help enhance the safety of students who utilize bus transportation. The SMART Tag enables monitoring of where and when students board or disembark a bus ensuring students only board their designated bus, increasing bus driver and parent/guardian awareness. The SMART Tag system utilizes RFID technology and cloud-connected tablet computers, allowing for real-time and accurate information in a secure and affordable way.

How SMART tag works.
  1. When a student boards their bus, they present their card to the RFID reader installed on the bus.
  2. The SMART Tag program logs the boarding event (recording the timestamp, location and student information) and verifies whether or not the student is authorized to board.
  3. When a student disembarks, they present their card to the RFID reader again, and the program will log the event and verify the student is getting off at their correct stop.
All drivers are equipped with a tablet PC powered with the SMART tag application.

Designed to include a vital perspective...the driver.

The SMART Tag program was conceptualized by a school bus driver. Leveraging that hands-on experience, we have designed SMART Tag to be easy for drivers to use and to help streamline paper-based tasks. Successful driver adoption makes the program successful for the transportation and campus administrators, as well as parents.

The Driver Tablet

Every bus in the SMART Tag program is outfitted with a ruggedized tablet computer with a cellular (3G/4G) internet connection to the SMART Tag cloud-based servers. An optional RFID reader is available for quick, contactless scanning of students when boarding and disembarking.

The Driver Tablet empowers any driver in the SMART tag Program.
All drivers are equipped with a tablet PC powered with the SMART tag application.

Student RFID Cards

Students riding buses in the SMART Tag program will be assigned low-cost SMART Tag student ID cards. The student tag uses RFID technology to communicate with the driver's tablet.

What is NFC?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it is a type of RFID communication. NFC chips use what is called passive RFID; passive RFID uses non-volatile energy to power itself. This means the NFC chip needs an external source to activate and power it. This helps keep cost down, security up, with no need for batteries in the ID cards.

NFC chips are not active and do not transmit a continuous signal, which means they are not trackable (as only the driver tablet is tracked). The tablet reports the student loading and disembarking transactions it records along with the tablet's time and location for those events. No student data is stored on the card other than what the district chooses to print on it.

All students will be assigned NFC ID cards
All drivers are equipped with a tablet PC powered with the SMART tag application.

Administrative Portal

Transportation Administrators have access to a web-based portal to manage their SMART tag system.

Features include: student searches, rider and bus activity reports (such as State Headcount and SHARS), driver/route updates, seating charts and notification alerts.

Administrators can run reports for headcounts, mileage, and more!
All drivers are equipped with a tablet PC powered with the SMART tag application.
Parents can keep up-to-date with their kids current status

Parent Portal and Notifications

Parents/Guardians can use the SMART Tag web portal to manage notification settings and communicate with the Transportation and Campus* Administrators.

Parents/Guardians can access up-to-date boarding activity, and sign up for SMART Alerts to receive a text message when their child is approximately 10-15 minutes from their drop off stop. Parents of Special Needs students can sign up to receive a text message in the morning to know when the bus is 10-15 minutes from picking up their child.

* Ask us about the Campus Dismissal Module

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